In my radical history, reading books used to bore me. In fact, reading anything was a challenge. My buddies insisted that I had ADD, but I thought that was nonsense. Summer reading became the bane of my existence. The thought of reading three summer books for high school was equivalent to when I studied for […]

Today marks seventy-three years since my grandfathers were persecuted by the Japanese at Bataan during World War II. They were forced to march for 65 miles under intense heat and harsh treatment by Japanese guards. My Lolo (the Filipino word for grandfather) survived the entire march; my other Lolo successfully escaped. I pray for them today […]

Dear Readers, Sorry for the hiatus. I committed my time to the Army. Thank you for hanging on, Carlo — FT. KNOX, KY; July 2014 — I was inside a small room with several soldiers. Our drill sergeants ignited a can of tear gas in the middle of the chamber. I felt this “lovely” burning sensation in my […]

Paris is a huge contrast from Lyon…But It’s good to be back in Croissant City. If Lyon was like Hoboken, then Paris is pretty much New York. I’ve been to Paris once before–when I was fifteen. I thought it was boring and snobby. Today, unexpectedly, I was converted into one of those stereotypical Francophiles. It […]

I wanted to write about a little town that seems to only have a church, a few little houses, and a simple bakery. And crêpes too. French people love crêpes.  Not-Paris, France I took the train from Lyon and it sucked. Waiting times and trains weren’t too frequent but I had a croissant to help pass […]

Girls seem to always banter about Paris…Paris this, Paris that. I’ve been to that city at thirteen years of age, and I frankly didn’t care too much. The Moulin Rouge and their hip McDonald’s  were all that I considered memorable. However, France has other cities that seem to be overshadowed by that Eiffel spire. Now that my […]

It’s been a year since my dog died. I didn’t even remember. I saw her in a dream last night, and then I recalled that bittersweet morning: Ria’s heart was enlarged and she was compelled to take rapid short breaths in order to live. When my Mom told me what was going on, I left […]


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