Dear Readers, Sorry for the hiatus. I committed my time to the Army. Thank you for hanging on, Carlo — FT. KNOX, KY; July 2014 — I was inside a small room with several soldiers. Our drill sergeants ignited a can of tear gas in the middle of the chamber. I felt this “lovely” burning sensation in my […]

Paris is a huge contrast from Lyon…But It’s good to be back in Croissant City. If Lyon was like Hoboken, then Paris is pretty much New York. I’ve been to Paris once before–when I was fifteen. I thought it was boring and snobby. Today, unexpectedly, I was converted into one of those stereotypical Francophiles. It […]

I wanted to write about a little town that seems to only have a church, a few little houses, and a simple bakery. And crêpes too. French people love crêpes.  Not-Paris, France I took the train from Lyon and it sucked. Waiting times and trains weren’t too frequent but I had a croissant to help pass […]

Girls seem to always banter about Paris…Paris this, Paris that. I’ve been to that city at thirteen years of age, and I frankly didn’t care too much. The Moulin Rouge and their hip McDonald’s  were all that I considered memorable. However, France has other cities that seem to be overshadowed by that Eiffel spire. Now that my […]

It’s been a year since my dog died. I didn’t even remember. I saw her in a dream last night, and then I recalled that bittersweet morning: Ria’s heart was enlarged and she was compelled to take rapid short breaths in order to live. When my Mom told me what was going on, I left […]

I think of soccer and bull testicles when I think of this city. I got into a taxi and did a visual tour of the city. Like many historic European cities, Barcelona exhibited a bevy of scenic architecture along the boulevards. It reminded me of Paris, but with one exception: People paraded Cataluña flags as if they […]

I am in Europe to visit seven cities for the holiday season. You, the reader, shall get one post for each country I visit. This is the third one. Enjoy.  — “Is this Madrid or is this Bushwick?” I thought to myself. This was my very first time in Spain. Madrid reminds me of Manhattan […]


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